Lucida can guide you through the tax process, navigate intimidating tax situations and help you optimize your tax strategy.

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Experienced Professionals

Lucida’s dedicated team of experienced professionals are here to streamline the tax filing process and help you optimize your returns while ensuring compliance with all applicable tax laws. We provide a comprehensive range of services for business, individual, trust, estate and gift tax return preparation, and provide comprehensive tax planning and consulting services. We will partner with you to achieve financial peace of mind with effective tax management.

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Business Tax Returns

Lucida specializes in simplifying the complexities of business taxation, offering expert assistance to optimize your tax returns. Our team of professionals understands the intricacies of the tax laws and regulations, providing solutions for many needs including tax credits, tax incentives, multi-state allocations and international situations. We offer a comprehensive range of services including business tax preparation, strategic tax planning, and consulting.

Individual Tax Returns

We are your trusted partner in managing personal tax matters, simplifying the tax filing process and helping you optimize your returns for full compliance with tax laws. Lucida’s team of experienced professionals specializes in individual tax preparation, planning and consulting. We offer solutions to meet your unique financial needs including multi-state and international issues.

Trust, Estate and Gift Tax Returns

Our professionals specialize in managing the intricate world of trust, estate and gift taxation, offering expert guidance to ensure compliance with complex tax laws while optimizing your returns. Lucida’s team of professionals understands the nuances of trust and estate tax laws, providing solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our comprehensive range of services includes trust and estate tax preparation, strategic tax planning, and consulting to serve trustees, executors and beneficiaries.

Tax Planning

Lucida's tax planning involves strategically managing your financial affairs to minimize your tax liabilities while remaining compliant with relevant tax laws and regulations. Our team of professionals consider your income, investments, expenses and other factors to improve your financial outcomes.

What Sets Us Apart

Diverse Industry Expertise

We have a broad range of experience across various industries, allowing us to offer insights and solutions that are unique to the demands of different sectors.

  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Wholesale & Distribution
  • Retail

Responsive Support

Lucida’s responsive support ensures that questions are answered promptly and concerns are addressed effectively. Our proven track record of successfully navigating complex tax challenges sets us apart as a reliable partner that consistently delivers results. We're here for our clients when they need us.

Supporting Your Financial Success

Tax services are a critical resource. Our team of professionals are dedicated to supporting your financial success with comprehensive, long-term planning to reach your ultimate goals. 

Personalized Approach

Lucida’s tax planning solutions are tailored to each client's specific financial situation, goals and industry. We understand that there's no one-size-fits-all solution, and our strategies reflect this understanding.

Experienced Professionals

Our team of professionals have a wealth of knowledge and experience. With a deep understanding of the taxation process, Lucida offers strategic insights that make a real difference.

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The professionals at Lucida always have an eye on the future and will share their insights with you, your team and your organization to support you in today’s rapidly changing environment.

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